Bachelor studies

University of Gdańsk Institute of Mathematics offers three specializations in the course of Bachelor studies:

Since 2017/2018 Mathematics in Economy is the specialization of Mathematical modeling and data analysis – see here.
General Mathematics and Mathematical Education share the same set of lectures during the first year – later both specializations have separate plans. Detailed plans for all specializations

Optional lectures
During the second and third year of bachelor studies students are obliged do choose some optional lectures. The number of lectures to choose depends on the specialization – but the number of available options is quite big. The appropriate selection will help us to extend our knowledge in the direction we want – either to financial markets applications, or to statistics or to pure mathematics, numerical methods or other applications. The list of all optional lectures is available here.

Undergraduate seminar
Before the third year of studies students choose an undergraduate seminar. During the seminar students get to know the selected area of mathematics. They read and present pieces of monographs and papers from mathematical journals. The list of suggested seminars changes every year. The present list is available here.