Master studies

University of Gdańsk Institute of Mathematics offers three specializations in the course of Masters studies:

Detailed plans for all specializations

Master’s seminars

Every student in master’s level is supposed to join one of Master’s seminars that goes on through entire timespan of the studies (i.e. two years). During the seminars students get to know the selected area of mathematics guided by their tutor. They read and present the pieces of monographs or papers from mathematical journals and prepare their master’s thesis. Tutor helps to choose optional lectures. The list of opened seminars changes each year. This year there are the following seminars.

Optional lectures

Every student of Master’s studies in mathematics has to choose certain number of optional lectures. Theoretical mathematics requires seven lectures, mathematical education specialization requires one lecture, while financial mathematics five. Moreover if any of mandatory lectures (i.e. Analytic functions I, Mathematical analysis II and Functional analysis I) was chosen earlier student is obliged to replace this subject by some other optional lecture. The list of all optional lectures if presented here.