Open seminar - seminaria prowadzone przez doktorantów


Talk: A few words about (quasi) probability in classical and quantum physics
Date: Tuesday 4, November 2014, 14.15
Place: room 311
Speaker: Kamil Kostrzewa


Talk: Randomness in Quantum Theory
Date: Wednesday 19, November 2014, 15.15
Place: room 52
Speaker: Edgar A Aguilar Lozano

Random numbers are an essential part of our everyday life. Obtaining true randomness seems to be impossible classically, where the world around us is deterministic. Furthermore, even if we had a small random seed, getting a longer string of random numbers algorithmically is proven to be impossible classically. These are tasks that concern us all: as scientists, we do Monte Carlo simulations assuming our numbers are random, and as bank customers, we do online transactions hoping enough randomness was used in making secret keys so nobody can steal our money. Luckily, quantum mechanics postulates that measurement outcomes are truly random, and provides us with a more powerful framework where we can perform expansion and amplification of random numbers. The talk will be focused on amplification, where given some random numbers which are correlated to other variables, we can process them to produce truly random bits uncorrelated to the rest of the world.
No prior knowledge of Quantum Mechanics or Bell's Theorem will be assumed.


Talk: Randomness in Quantum Theory
Date: Wednesday 26, November 2014, 15.15
Place: room 52
Speaker: Debashis Saha

In this seminar, I shall focus on

  1. the random access code problem,
  2. introduction to quantum mechanics - its advantages and applications,
  3. outline of my work so far and future plans.


Talk: On systems of polynomial equations
Date: Wednesday 3, December 2014 15.15
Place: room 52
Speaker: Adam Dzedzej


Talk: A discrete view of the world - Introduction to cellular automata
Date: Wednesday 14, January 2015 15.15
Place: room 52
Speaker: Marcin Dembowski
Short agenda (may change a bit)
  • Historical background
  • Definitions
  • Practical usage
  • Challenges


Talk: An Introduction to Ergodic Theory
Date: Wednesday 21, January 2015 15.15
Place: room 52
Speaker: Piotr Gadka


Talk: Indices of Vector Fields
Date: Wednesday 11, March 2015 15.15
Place: room 328
Speaker: Magda Gosz


Talk: Classical and quantum communication protocols
Date: Wednesday 25, March 2015 15.15
Place: room 328
Speaker: Kamil Kostrzewa


Talk: Semi-groups of transformations
Date: Wednesday 1, April 2015 15.15
Place: room 328
Speaker: Piotr Gadka


Talk: World without wires - Introduction to wireless power transfer
Date: Wednesday29, April 2015 12.15
Place: room 302
Speaker: Przemysław Kant


Talk: First Event Signalling Correlations
Date: Wednesday 6, May 2015 12.15
Place: room 302
Speaker: Debashis Saha