Spin structures on low dimensional Bieberbach groups

Description of fields in records in the data.g file:

Say that each record describes a crystallographic (space) group S with a holonomy (point) group P.

dimdimension of the group S
hmodranks of mod 2 (co)homology groups of the group S
idpgGAP id of the holonomy group P of S (assume P in GL(dim,Z))
nameCARAT name of S
orientableis S orientable
qnameCARAT name of the conjugacy class of P in GL(dim,Q)
s2nameCARAT name of a maximal subgroup of G with 2-group holonomy
sdpgGAP structure description of P
spindoes S have a spin structure
znameCARAT name of the conjugacy class of P in GL(dim,Z)